April 14, 2011

A whole lot better than good enough.

Xi chapter's pretty Court Street house. One of the oldest in Athens, and they're not giving it up to the city anytime soon.

So we're wrapping up on a year, huh? A year of me jetsetting and scribing it (messily, between reports and conversations) on this little blog.

Ohio University
Athens, Ohio

But what I really wish you could see is how these women treat me. The smiles on their faces. The hugs they give me. And when these leaders get excited about bringing fresh ideas into their chapters, I squeal. The job works afterall. :)

So yeah. Thanks for the stay, Xi chapter.
Y'all are too cute, as is your precious town of Athens.
I love my new OU shirt!
(p.s. Just found out Matt Lauer went to OU? I respect that.)
Oh, and thanks for my surprise Sour Patch Kids.
You won my heart, then you REALLY won my heart with those guys.

This happens in a house full of education majors...

Okay, I stink at photography, but this room was sooo gorgeous. Promise. That's our ADPi creed and a sketch of their house on the mantle. And lion door knockers--ADPi standard.

Blog post title: "Good Enough" by Benjy Davis Project. Most romantic song.


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