April 18, 2011

He'd figured she'd gone back to Austin 'cause she talked about it all the time.

Precious Kelly (madam pres) and me at Lonestar Jam.

I'm sittin' in the airport flying outta Longhorn country. The guy two seats down from me is making business calls, constantly mentioning "the artist," "contracts," and Zac Brown's name has been dropped a coupla times. Burnt orange shirts pepper the terminal and I'm full 'til dinner on one breakfast taco. This is Austin, and I don't quite think I'm ready to head out just yet.

Allen's Boots and South Congress Cafe.

South Congress: Where there is an entire park for food trailers.

Lemme just tell you about my weekend: Ya know those "Keep Austin Weird" shirts? Chyeah. I get it now. Emily and I climbed in her Tahoe and trekked over the river to the South Congress district to explore the artsy/bohemian district--whoa baby. We tucked in and out of boutiques and thrift shops, and if you haven't heard the news yet, I GOT MY COWBOY BOOTS. Lawdamercy, y'all: they're gorgeous. Allen's Boots smells like heaven, looks like heaven, and it only took me about 3 tries to find the prettiest pair of handmade, full-quill ostrich Lucchese boots.

But really. Aisle after aisle. I wanted them all, but took home these guys.

I may or may not have plugged my ears when I handed over my credit card. Listen--I grew up riding horses (western, duh.). I have had a serious crush on boots, and I'm justifyin' this with the fact that I'm wearing them under my wedding dress at my reception to dance in. So this is an investment--am I right or am I right?

Love these girlies.

The boots got christened when I joined the girls at Lonestar Jam. I've been loving Eli Young Band and Josh Abbott Band for a while now, and buddy did they deliver!

Josh Abbott, and yes--everyone did that thing all day at the concert.

Fun fact: Texas boys seriously do two-step. Unreal. I'm talkin' they'd be drunk as a skunk, but in their Wranglers and boots, they'd grab a girl and whip out a two-step. Innately. It was hysterical and I don't think I've ever loved watching a stereotype come true so much.

Well, this guy didn't two-step. He kept doin' that ultra-weird "The Bernie" thing.

Oh--I forgot to tell you. Friday night, the Deltas had Black Diamond Ball formal, and my "date" Anna (an Alabama friend in grad-school out here) and I crashed it. Why do people ever graduate college?

Delta Chapter gave out poker chips and had dealers at formal, ending in a raffle. Grand prize? University of Texas Luchesse boots. Why is no one surprised...

Sunday, after church at The Austin Stone, the Texan girls showed me what this "hill country" thing was all about... We went up, up, up Mount Bonnell until we saw this view of Lake Austin (cough-TheyCallItALakeButIt'sReallyJustTheColoradoRiver-cough). Glorious. And not a cloud in the Texas sky.

Standard "Throw Diamonds 'Cause We're With the LC" pic.

Can't imagine a better way for God to remind me that He's the creator of beauty that blessed me with such a legit visit. All good things come from Him.

Headed to Connecticut today. But let's be real:
Nothin' sums up my feelings better than this frat tank:

Be Texan. Go ADPi.

Blog post title: "Austin" by Blake Shelton. Quite possibly my 6th favorite song ever.


  1. this makes me miss home and austin!
    xoxo em

  2. My jealousy here cannot be contained. I'm obsessed with everything here.
    Also your boots are perfection. Lucchese's are my personal favorites after 12 years on the show circuit and I would gladly live in mine if I was allowed to.

  3. Wow these pictures are so cute! It makes me really excited to move to Texas (Houston in 2 months!!). I found your blog through bun&borough and I looove it! New follower coming your way :)



  4. I just returned from Austin myself! Looks like you had a wonderful time :) It sure is a different place, isn't it? But, I must say...I'm looking forward to another visit!

  5. Oh my gosh. I NEED one of those "Be Texan, Go ADPi" shirts. And then my life will be complete.

  6. I'm in ATX right now, headed straight to Allen's Boots and picked up my own pair of Luchesse! God bless Texas!

  7. loved meeting you, Ashlyn! So glad you got to enjoy formal, Austin Stone, Lone Star Jam, and South Congress, what a great lineup of activities :)

  8. Miss Magnolia... I'm all about hometown pride (Go Vols!)... but it looks like you left your heart in Texas. Maybe the Big Guy upstairs is slowly but surely showing you where you belong. xoxo

    ps - GREAT pick on the boots. GORG!

  9. where is your dress from???? :)


  10. Great pictures!!

    I just found your blog today and I would love for you to check out mine and follow back! :)



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