March 28, 2011

'Cause you're the only ten-I-see.

I know, right?

Okay. So this is all I have time for right now.

But give me just a few more hours and I'll throw you a bigger bone, promisecrossmyheart. I LOVE it here. Like, looooooove it.

University of Tennessee
Knoxville, Tenn.

The three most adorable Alpha Delts greeted me at the Knoxville airport, whisked me away to UT-land, and plopped me in a room with the above spread. For me. Whoa. Dear collegians, you'll just never understand what that does to me. Hits me square in the heart and I almost cry. Somethin' about the fact that someone went to a store and bought a bunch of stuff for a girl you don't even know who's taking over your room for a week... And got her favorite candy, too (which are gone, b-t-dubs. I can take a bag of SPK's DOWN, baby. But they did help me eat some tonight.).

You know what? This "Power T" and orange stuff has grown on me...

More coming. Like, Neyland-Stadium-locker-room-tour more. Chyes.


  1. I think you should just swing down into Mississippi and make this girl happy with a visit :)

  2. I was an Alpha Kappa!!!! YAY! Can't WAIT to hear about your visit... And, I was in charge of doing the TCC's gift basket my Senior Year and went overboard as well... Love seeing that it's still happening! Way to go, Alpha Kappa!!

  3. It's always a nice a feeling knowing someone is thinking of you. Enjoy your goodies!

  4. I can't believe your time traveling is almost up! This gal in Az has enjoyed your ride. So much that when I first heard Brad Paisley's "Old Alabama", I wondered if you had heard it yet. Obviously I'm waaay too into the blogs I read. :)


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