March 1, 2011

Worth it.

Alpha Delta Pi Foundation Video by Mitch Hardison.

The above Foundation video dropped at the 6 Alpha Delta Pi District Leadership Conferences across the nation this winter. If you're an ADPi and that doesn't make your heart speed up, we have an issue. Because I swear my heart rate jumps and I think for half-a-sec I could do this LC thing for 5 more years (Ha. Riiight.).

I just feel like we miss the point of sororities sometimes. We sorority squat at our little campuses and forget that women got in there and fought to make us national, then international. We forget that our chapter's donations combine with 137 others and make something big. Really big. We forget that women in our own chapters are benefitting from international scholarships and grants just to continue higher education. Now that's sisterhood. Dear everyone: Do you see what we're doing?! And ADPi is just one of 26 National Panhellenic Groups...

Suz and Tara. I love my home chapter and buddy I love RMH-Birmingham.

This is why I'll give to ADPi my whole life:
Because God used it to turn my life around.
Because it helped supply me the confidence to stand up in front of 160 women and lead them.
Then 500 women.
We're talking a girl who bought the lowest-priced diamond-shaped badge because I thought I'd only wear it once a week for 4 years, maybe give it to my kid, 
and that's it.
It gave me the tools to understand myself.
To work for something I believe in.
To meet thousands of women who believe in the same thing.
To meet role models at every turn.
Like the one last weekend that got me going on church-planting and fostering children because the gospel demands it of us...
And watch younger women grow up into these role models literally before my eyes.
Because it encourages me that I'm doing something pretty alright with my life right now.

p.s. Next life mission: Convince Greek organizations that while we're social in nature, there is a deeper reality that we can no longer raise thousands of dollars for each other's national philanthropies and call it a day. There is this thing called service. Called not calling Daddy for a check, but looking people in the eye and helping make things brighter for them. Imagine the force we could be if we reached past our wallets and committed to interacting with those we throw checks at...

Sorry, soapbox.

Aaaaaaand this post is why I work for a sorority. I would. Ha.


  1. I can't see the video :( but you are awesome. It is so great to reflect on what you do and realize that you are doing alright in the world. Working in fraternity & sorority life is such a blessing for me and even though there are huge ups and downs at the end of the day I LOVE what I do and I see the purpose every day of the week. These organizations have done so much and still have the potential to do so much more. Thank you for righting this--I've never met an ADPi I didn't like :)

  2. Girl you rock! I am so proud to call you a sister! Let me know when you're back in ATL and we'll plan lunch so you can meet our little man!!

  3. loved your soapbox.

    people want to love homeless people, but they don't want to smell them.
    they want to reach out to the depressed and hurt, but they don't want to stay up all night and get their heartbroken.

    but service IS more than a check, as you said. Resources are great, but where is the intention.

    We all love 1 Cor 13: love is patient, love is kind..etc. but what about the verses before that excerpt? That if we have faith but no love, it means nothing. that if we give everything but no love? we gain nothing...

    great, now i'm on a soapbox and this is just a comment box! oops!

    keep up the awesomeness sista. So glad my friend Haley shared your blog with me!


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