March 23, 2011

Snap yo fingers, do yo step.

Roar. Photo courtesy of Tiny White Daisies.

History Lesson for Wednesday, March 23, 2011:

Greek diplomats would drink vino (No wait--that's Italian. Whatever.) while listening to their colleagues speaking. They didn't want to put down their drink to clap.

So they snapped.

Thus the origin of the sorority snap. Boom. I srat, therefore I snap.

And today, I'm headed up to Knoxville, Tenn. for some good 'ole Southern hospitality (I can already tell from the sweet emails fillin' up my Outlook box) at University of Tennessee. Strike up "Rocky Top," y'all--I'm headed to Alpha Kappa! Snaps to that.

Blog post title: "Buy You a Drink" by T-Pain. Throwwwbaaaaack...


  1. I read this while sitting in political theory learning about Greek philosophers with a row of sorority women and fraternity men. The comment about "I srat, therefore I snap" was pure Wednesday morning gold - love it! Have so much fun in TN!

  2. De-lurking to say- watch the weather! It was gorgeous here this morning, and now they are calling for hail! Also, you are going to meet a darling ADPi- Elizabeth Long! Have so much fun in my hometown, and feel free to shoot me an e-mail if you have any questions. :)

  3. Gosh, who is the fabulous person who shared this with you? Hmmmmm. sorry, I'm not sorry.


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