March 15, 2011

If you're gonna play in Texas.

Photo courtesy of Pinterest.

This mornin', I opened my LAST travel schedule. I'm torn on ending this job--that's a whole 'nother blog post, but for now, let us celebrate in some fantastic news! First you have to read this list then I'll tell you:

Boston, Mass.
Rho Chapter

Des Moines, Iowa
Theta Eta Chapter

Athens, Ohio
Xi Chapter

Austin, Tx.
Delta Chapter

Danbury, Ct.
Eta Omicron Chapter

Did you see that?! TEXXXXXASSSSSS! AHHHHHHH! I have a story: Day 1 on the job (well, maybe like, Day 3 when we felt comfortable enough around our boss to annoy her) I started asking to go to Texas, specifically Delta Chapter in Austin. My reasons were simple: a) I have a crush on UT, b) I need more reasons to do that cool "hook 'em horns" thing with my hands, c) Colt's hot, and d) the one souvenir I wanted this year was a pair of cowgirl boots from Texas.

Annoying my boss all year paid off. :) Love you, Annie!

I have since bought many other souvenirs. And of course, I'm stoked about the other chapters. But I'm goin' to Te-has, bay bay. CHYESS. As for today? I'm off to Virginia Tech. Go Hokies.

Blog post title: "If You're Gonna Play in Texas" by my people, Alabama.


  1. Go Hokies!! I loved the ADPi's during my time at Tech. I only wish the weather in Blacksburg could be better for your visit.

  2. WOOO! You're coming to my home!! Boston may not be Texas, but I'm confident you'll love it here!! GO TERRIERS!!!

  3. Yay!!! As a UT alum... it's an amazing campus and AWESOME city!!!!!!!!!! So exciting! Oh and make sure you go Cavender's boot city to get your boots!! <3

  4. Hook 'em! You're going at an awesome time, too. Get a little Austin-tacious while you're there!

  5. Have a great time in Blacksburg!! Go Hokies :)

    Also, I've recently gotten the urge to go to Texas (for no particular reason of course other than I think I would love it...) So I can't wait for your post about it!

  6. I loooove this blog, Miss Magnolia! Too cute and glad to hear you're enjoying your experience as a TCC. Sounds like you're doing a great job and I love the "Pi Day"... so fun!

  7. Congrats on your list! So many fantastic schools...Boston is an especially great one. I'm a Rho alumnae myself, so I know whereof I speak! Can't wait to hear what you see and do in one of my favorite cities! And as you know, it's Rho Chapter's 100 year anniversary! Go ADPi!

  8. Love the blog, Ashlyn! I just moved from Austin. One of my favorite places in the country...especially this time of year! Be sure to check out Allen's Boots on South Congress.

  9. I just visited UT during a bachelor party in Austin and their campus is fab! You MUST go to Cain and Abel's while you're there ... everyone told us it is the frattiest bar at UT. Enjoy!

  10. Ashlyn:
    My friend recommended your blog as a good example of a Southern girl who was "raised right." I think having read you now for a few weeks I'm beginning to finally understand the phrase. I appreciate how you interweave your love for your job, your enthusiasm for life and your faith in Christ. I'm also a Boston fan, so add me to the people who want to read about your time there. My good friend was President of ADPi there in the last century and she loved it. Also, just so you know, you linked to Boston Baptist College not to Boston University.
    Keep writing about everything, you have a unique, strong voice and love for God that's simply palpable and contagious. thanks!

  11. new follower and love your blog! go to the boot shop on south congress! I cannot remember the name but if just say south congress boot shop anyone will know!
    xoxo em


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