March 17, 2011

But where do you LIVE?

Photo courtesy of Tumblr.

My daily (Okay, I lied. Weekly.) conversation:

"So do you go home after you visit us?"
"Um, no--I go straight to the next chapter."
"Wait--aren't we based in Atlanta?"
"Yes. Good girl."
"But so your office is there, right?"
"I don't have an office. I live out of two suitcases and a carry-on."
"Oh. So where are you based?"
"Atlanta, technically."
"But you don't live there?"
"No. I do not have an office and live out of two suitcases and a carry-on."
"But we're BASED there..."
"Yes, so, like, my emails and phone calls go through ATL."
"Ohhhh. So you live at home!"
"No, the last time I was home was a month ago... My furniture lives there?"
"So but where do YOU live?"
"Two suitcases. One carry-on. I do not really go 'home.'"
"Gotcha. Except on weekends, huh?"
"I get 48 hours a month, so um, no. I leave here and go to another chapter."
"Ohhhhhhhhh! I think I get it. That's a weird job. But really awesome. I thought you were gonna be like, 60. But you're really cute. (uhh, thanks?) Wanna go on a run?"

Story of my life. Hello, world: I have one of the weirdest jobs in America.
And I. Love. It.


  1. I'll be traveling as a consultant for my fraternity next year, and I've already have this conversation a thousand times!

    PS - I've really enjoyed your blog, especially the posts about your job!

  2. I'm having the conversation every five minutes these days. So excited!


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