March 3, 2011

Top down and I'm at it again.

Photo courtesy of All Things Elegant.

Got a call yesterday that my schedule's changed, and I gotta rental car booked to drive to Virginia Commonwealth University on Monday, as an ADPi presentation beckons. Alas: I'm not driving there from Des Moines, never you fear. I shall be in Merry Land by then. Nevertheless--TWO HOUR SOLO ROADIE! Dear iPod, prepare to be rocked.


What y'all know about Richmond? I've always wanted to pay it a visit.


  1. Great people work at VCU including Carrie Whittier who is the outgoing president of the Association for Fraternity & Sorority Advisors and Neil S. who is a great guy. Parts of Richmond are incredibly prepped out and other parts are quite urban. VCU is in the middle of the city so there is a lot going on around it. Cool historical area. Richmond was one of the capitals of the Confederacy so expect statues and whatnot. I'm from about 2 hours aways and have some buddies in the R-I-C. If you have chance to see the University of Richmond you'll fall in love.

  2. I'm a Virginia native and am heading to VCU for graduate school. Make some time to ride up and down Monument Ave to see the houses and monuments. The Fan is a great area for quaint shopping and restaurants, so if you have a sunny afternoon definitely check out Cary Town. If you're in dire need of some good shopping, Short Pump town center isn't far and has lots of options. Hope this helps!

  3. Short Pump is a great outside mall! It has a lot of the big name stores if you have time to hit the mall.


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