March 3, 2011

Further proof that I'm a mess/all over the place.

Photo courtesy of Viva Amore.

I succumbbed. I started a Tumblr page (is that what you people call them?).

I'm like that chick in Mean Girls:
"I wish I could bake a cake filled with rainbows and smiles and
everyone would eat and be happy."
"She doesn't even go here!"
"No. I just have a lot of feelings..."

Guess I have a lot of feelings. But dangit if those Tumblrs aren't a heckuva lot easier to maintain than the miniature novels I draft over here... And I can always pull the journalism major card, eh? I must constantly educate myself on social media brands and high-accessibility communication techniques, right? Riiiight.

So yeah. It's whatevs. Enjoy the picture show, y'all.


  1. Following you! Can't wait to see what you post!!

  2. Miss Ashlyn I question whether or not you are working on reports anymore, or just oogling at cute tumblrs! :) The tumblr is precious. Just like you.

  3. That girl from Mean Girls is hilarious. I die at that scene every time I watch it.


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