March 10, 2011

Draw me a map that leads me back to you.

Photo courtesy of Magnolia Merryweather.

I get this on the job a lot:

"Wow! You get to travel all over the whole U.S.?! Y'all aren't set for one region? That's so awesome. And you probably love that you really get to see a ton of cities
so you can decide where to live next year!"

Response? Yup. Sure does let me see this great nation and fall even more in love with it. And as for the proverbial "next year" part, usually, I smile and nod. But here's what I really wanna say:

"Chyeah buddy traveling helped me decide, darlin'! I'm goin' right back down where I came from! People act differently, sound sweeter, and it's not frigid all the time. Ha, and I'm not sure how y'all pick Yankee/Mid-West boys over what we raise... Just sayin'."

Rant? Perhaps. I think I just sortareally miss home.
But dear Yankee/Midwest/West-Coast-Best-Coast sisters:
Please don't take offense. I love you infinitimillion. :)


  1. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA I would be thinking the EXACT same thing. I wouldn't trade Georgia or our Southern boys for anything. Haha

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  3. I feel the exact same way. But you already knew that baha. We need sundresses, hot hot weather, and ice cold sah-weet tea #rightnow.

  4. Amen sista! Preach on abou them southern boys! Seriously though, no true southern girl will ever settle for anything but a southern gentleman.

    Love reading your blog and your adventures of being a national counsulant as we Chi-Os call them. Hope you find the perfect job for next year.

  5. Completely agree!!! I'm in DC now but totally re-evaluating that one day I definately want to move back to sweet Georgia or Alabama - I miss the people, charm, and manners WAY too much!! Never knew how lucky I was...

  6. I hear ya...there are great people all over this beautiful nation, but we grow them special down South. So glad I married a Southern Gent - hope my daughter does the same. :)

  7. One big thumbs up to this whole post. Plus, was your post from Tuesday a sorority PFG? I had heard of them from friends, but didn't think I'd like one until I saw one this week at Mardi Gras. Must have!

  8. This post cracked. me. up.

    I grew up in the Midwest--moved to DC for school, met a Yankee, and moved to New England. The Yankee lived in NC for a few years...and we both agree it should be our next move!

    Hope you're enjoying this year of adventure...the South will open its arms to you next year, I'm sure! I hope it does the same for me ;) happy weekend! xoxo {av}

  9. I'm praying that my midwestern blood can raise my sons to be a true southern boys that a southern adpi sisters will want to marry one day!

  10. As a male, and a Southerner, I'm glad that there is so much support for this post.


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