March 15, 2011

Thanks, Georgey.

Mount Vernon, Va.

I forgot to tell you!

So I'm driving back from Richmond to D.C. last week, and I spied a sign: Mount Vernon, Next Right. I thought about it for .2, decided as a history-lover this was totally manageable and I could snap a few quick pics and head. Being the adventurer I am, I hung that right and took a 45-minute vacay.

Georgey had a ballin' view of the Potomac.

Mount Vernon = gorgeous. The weather was unusually warm (when I say warm I mean I couldn't see my breath) and I wandered around the meandering plantation gardens grinning and just chattering on and on to God. Best breather/rest ever. Thanks, Jesus.

Those are real.

You should probably go to Mount Vernon if you ever get the chance.

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