March 14, 2011

Life of Pi.

Oh, glitter paper, paint pens, and grosgrain ribbon. #sororitygirlproblems.

Here at University of Maryland, fellow LC Megan and I had a brilliant idea this weekend: we're chillin' around a round table with some members of Grand Council (aka our mother-figures this year) brainstorming PR ideas for this chapter.

Monday: Pi (3.14) Day.
Idea: We must celebrate.

So we delivered off blueberry and apple pies to our neighborly Pi houses--AOΠ, ΑΕΠ, ΠΚΑ and ΒΘΠ. So presh. Meg and I--Lilly P. koozie'd Diet Coke in hand--crafted the cards with a golf theme to get buzz out about the chapter's Lion's Share Challenge Pi Putt for Ronald McDonald House. Again, I get paid to do stuff like this. Hollaaaaaa.

The sisters of Alpha Delta Pi wish you one, too.

Happy Pi Day, y'all!

1 comment:

  1. Great job on your save the date! They look ah-mazing! It must be nice getting paid to do something so awesome. Have a great week!


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