March 16, 2011

On leadership.

I love when I get floored by NPC members who don't necessisarily wear ADPi letters. It's a reminder to me in my little azure-blue-and-white-24/7-world of the testament that not just ADPi, but every NPC group out there is working to challenge and inspire young women. Times your organization by 26. That's our power as NPC.

Happened at a Virginia Tech Panhellenic round table meeting
for the chapter presidents I just left.

Daaaaang. They get it. The Panhellenic President showed the video below to challenge these chapter presidents. I know the audience for this little blog is all over the place and that the guys have already quit readin', but I do know for a fact there's a sector of Greek women reading that serve on your Executive Committees. Somone needs to tell you thanks. Holding two EC offices in my sorority, honestly, taught me more than any other university organization position, honors society, or even internship ever did. Steering, encouraging, listening to, motivating, challenging, goin' to bat for, promoting, holding accountable, and inspiring 156 humans (now make that 18 to 22-year-old women) was rough some days. But remember that you do it so their experience is a cake-walk. So they can look back at pictures sorority-squatting on a beach in Destin, Fla. and still feel that sisterhood decades later.

So it's kinda cheesy. But worth a watch.

And for those younger sisters who wanna go a bit further than cooler-painting and nametag-glittering (Kidding. But really.) and give that whole leadership element of sorority a go, it's your job to plant a little bit of the emotion from the above video into them. Succession planning. You get 4 years to call the chapter shots. Use 'em wisely.


  1. LOVE THIS BLOG! My cousin just was initiated adpi at Longwood and I have a best friend whose one at Furman! I've just started my own blog inspired by others like yours. Please stop by and share any of your blogging wisdom!

  2. In. Love. I'm one of those fresh youngsters, but got thrown into leadership. EC was WAYYYY harder than I expected. Bring it on, though. Becoming more and more obsessed with your posts each day. Problem? I don't think so.


  4. Oh my goodness, I LOVE this! Not only because VT is my alma matter (and the Panhell President is one of my sisters!) but because it's so so true what you said about being on exec for your sorority or just being in a leadership position in general. Keep up the great work :)


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