March 1, 2011

Meet Virginia.

I know, right? Love a good magnolia.

Okay, I'm back on track--runnin' those two ADPi leadership conferences took it out of me! While I'm waiting for my blood flow to return to normal levels of Diet Coke and Starbucks and my achilles tendon to stretch out after running around conference centers in sky-high stilettos (#sororitygirlproblems, huh?), I'll let you know how baller of a visit University of Virginia was...

University of Virginia
Charlottesville, Va.
Zeta Xi Chapter

You see, it's pretty legit collegetown. As one of my chapter sisters told me before my visit, "Ash. Dave's from Charlottesville. It's gotta be cool." Tara meant "Dave"as in "Matthews," of course, and buddy was she right.

Here's where you gotta go in Cav Country:

1. Explore. This. Campus. Classical architecture and tons of history--UVA is simply gorgeous. I'm getting sick of running in Under Armour, two layers of Lululemon, and a ear-wrap thingy, but this campus made it all worth it.

Dear Amphitheater, ya think UVA's founded on classical fundamentals? Also, Edgar Allan Poe lived in one of these rooms facing the quad. Three cheers for Annabel Lee and American poetry!

BONUS: Secret societies have been woven into UVA culture since 1825. I don't even know all of them, but during my 4 days, I noticed these: IMP, 21, Seven, and Z. Legit. They're waaay hush-hush, but they mark the properties they inhabit. Thus every ancient frat and srat house, plus like, almost all the adminstrative buildings are marked with their symbols. Sweeeeet.

2. See our pretty Alpha Delta Pi house. :) It's old and a former Alpha Tau Omega house, and during the spring and fall, they open all the french doors and tailgate. Presh.

3. UVA's preptastic level? Just go with it. I mean, ADPi and half of Greek row is on a street called "Rugby," the bookstore sells monogrammed sorority headbands, and KJP bracelets are everywhere. Adorable Madam President Carrington and I discussed her days fox hunting in England... So yeah, they're kinda preppy. I was a happy little Samford Country Club grad.

Perfect for the lake. I'd take the tanlines from one of those. Photo courtesy of Kiel James Patrick.

4. Prepare to dine, and dine well. From Basil--Mediterranean food is my second favorite food genre behind Mexican--to Baja Bean, and Bodo's Bagels to Arch's Fro-Yo, the girls treated me so well! Charlottesville has more restaurants per capita than New York City. What am I going to do when I can't explore 8 new restaurants a week?!

5. Shop "the Corner." Case in point? A shop called Finch. You blare Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros and Mumford among your adorable sundresses and I'm sold. And I will also buy your Emi-Jay hairbands because I'm a ponytail girl at heart.

Do not be decieived: "The Corner" is actually a street. Photo courtesy of Sugar Hollow.

I only wish I coulda gone to a Cavaliers b-ball game, but at least now I have a reason to visit another Kappa chapter sister starting UVA law school. Go Hoo's and go Jesska!


  1. I've always heard how similar the UVA and UNC (where I'm a senior) campuses are and UVA has always been my second favorite ACC school. Thanks for the tour, I MUST get up there to visit!

  2. Even though I'm a Hokie at heart (VT and UVA have always been rivals) I still love everything about the University of Virginia! My best friend since elementary school went there so I always would visit her and I could never hate it too much :)


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