March 20, 2011

The travelin', the singin', it don't mean nothin' without you.

Photo courtesy of Bippity Boppity Boo.

I'm going home.

I think "home" is in my top 10 words. Right up there with "Jesus."

Schedule? 1. Friendsandfamily. 2. Sleepingtnbsd;xzzzzzzzzzz. 3. I've checked the 85 degree forecast, and looks like I'll be laying out in Dixieland! 4. Getting highlights for the first time in my virgin hair's life (ha, can ya tell this Southern girl needs sun? January, February, SUMMER, October...).

And time on my back porch talking to Jesus. Getting tangled up in grace. Having time to think through some things and ask God what He thinks.

See ya soon, my sweet little rivertown. See ya soon.

Blog post title: "Without You" by Keith Urban. I'm obsessed. Boy can write a love song, dangit. Have fun with that, Nicole.


  1. Oh. My. Gosh! I found your blog through your guest post on Bun... but I'm an Adpi at the University of Arizona (originally from Texas, though) and we've had a senior LC living with us all year... what a small world blogs create haha! Congratulations on some well-deserved time off. Enjoy :) Y'all work hard for it!

  2. So happy that you are getting to go home. I was just having a little chat with some of my Panhellenic women the other day about the life of a consultant and how they need to take this into account when they welcome her onto our campus and often into their homes. They are just in awe that anyone would ever want to live such a nomadic life in the name of sorority. Safe travels! Sleep well and enjoy the sunshine with Jesus :).

  3. I am literally obsessed with your guest post on bun & borough. I love everything you said and although I'm not quite yet in the real world, it all seems so true! Nike shorts & XL t shirts really got me. :)

    I absolutely love reading your blog!!


  4. Just found your blog via bun and absolutely loved your post. I am an Alpha Delta Pi sister from University of Kentucky and I can't wait to read more! Enjoy your time at home!

  5. loved your post on B&B, the nike shorts and XL tshirts is such a southern college things, my east coast friends do not get it! new follower and absolutely love your blog!
    xoxo em

  6. there's certainly no place like home! enjoy!

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